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Located in the eastern foothills and overlooking the cities of Gilroy, San
Martin and Morgan Hill we enjoy panoramic views of the entire south
county area. At an elevation of approximately 600ft above the valley
floor, we can observe the many changing shades of local weather. In the
winter, we often spot sheets of rain moving from city to city. When low
lying fog fills the valley, we are fortunate to look up at blue skies and
down to a sea of frothy white cloud. We aim to share as many of these
images as we can capture in digital form.

To complement our wonderful views, and to better understand our local
micro climate we installed a
Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. Davis
make one of the best weather station packages on the market, plus they
are a local Bay Area company.

It is our intention to present interesting and informative data and images
from our unique vantage point (no pun intended!) in the hills.
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About Morgan Hill, California USA               

Morgan Hill is a small city located some 20 miles south of San Jose and
Silicon Valley in Northern California. It's population of approximately
36,000 residents live in a 4-mile wide valley and surrounding foothills.

The city includes a gateway to
Henry Coe State Park, the largest such
park in Northern California which is approached by passing through
Anderson Lake County Park . Anderson Lake is a seven-mile long
reservoir and home to local water sports enthusiasts. Contrary to first
impressions, the name
Morgan Hill is not derived from local geography but
rather from one of the city's early estate owners, Diana and Hiram
Morgan Hill. Check out
this book for more details.
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