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Weather data capture and upload with Davis WeatherLink v5.7

All photographic images are the property of and should not be copied, re-distributed or
re-linked without prior permission. This site is not a professional weather center or forecasting service or
substitute for either one. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by the City of Morgan Hill.
Morgan Hill Weather brings you a unique view of local weather from it's vantage point
high in the eastern foothills, nearly 600ft above the valley floor. Benefiting from
uninterrupted 180° vistas for over 25 miles up and down the valley,
Morgan Hill
captures digital photographs and time-lapse movies of the ever changing
scenery in our community.
Welcome to Morgan Hill Weather
Your local source for the latest weather conditions and images from Morgan
Hill, California and the southern region of Santa Clara Valley.
  • High quality weather station sensors collecting temperature, pressure, humidity,
    rainfall and wind conditions 24/7
  • News from around the area together with our very latest photographs
  • Nowcast of current conditions updated every 10 minutes
  • Trends in temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall for the last
    24 hours, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months and year
  • Radar and forecast data from the National Weather Service
  • Flight tracking resources for the local region and beyond
  • Earthquake event map from the US Geological Survey
  • Webcam with scenic views across the valley and pan-tilt-zoom user controls
  • Gallery of local landscape and weather photographs, including colorful sunrises and
  • Theater of time-lapse movies and webcam image archive
  • Shop for prints or posters of local landscape photographs
  • Interactive street and satellite maps of Morgan Hill and beyond
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